Photo by Guma89 from Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    You told me to go to sleep

    I whined, lips pouting,

    words tumbling from my mouth

    like blocks of wood.

    One is pulled hesitantly from the tower,

    a weak link discovered,

    and the fortress comes crashing down.

    We are only as strong, they say,

    as the point where we are not,

    and you, my love,

    are the loosest brick in my defense.

    So here I am,

    playing Jenga with love,

    on a night where eyes droop

    and words fade,

    but you,

    you last forever,

    my weakness and my strength.

    You told me to go to sleep,

    so sleep I will.

    But darling,

    I will dream only of you and me

    falling asleep

    in our castle of disheveled blocks.


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