My Midwest winter fashion culture shock

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas, a city built on West Coast influence without a single beach in sight. As a result, the clothing preferences that I grew up with were a bit unique. Trends varied from regularly wearing Adidas slides with socks to anything with the Hollister logo on it (ahh, middle school fashion). So when I came to Northwestern, it’s not surprising that I experienced a bit of a fashion culture shock. I see brands I've never heard of and styles I thought people only wore in movies on campus every day. Here are just a few items that have caught my attention during my time feeling like an occasional fashion foreigner:

    To be honest, I'm pretty sure that my fashion taste has been elevated since I arrived on campus. Even though I don’t think I’ll be rocking a pastel popped collar anytime soon, I can’t wait to see how my closet changes in the next few years, as my personal “clothing culture” expands to fit my new home.


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