What you missed in politics over spring break

    If your spring break was more about SPF coverage than news coverage, NBN’s got your back. Here’s what you missed while you were soaking up the sun (or when you lost your phone in your couch during your seventh hour of House of Cards).

    More terror attacks?

    Over 300 people were wounded and 35 people were killed by acts of terrorism in Brussels last Tuesday. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks which rocked both the Brussels airport and a metro station with explosions. The only NU student interning in Belgium has checked in as safe following the bombings.

    Easter Sunday marked another terrorist attack, this time in Lahore, Pakistan. Targeting Pakistani Christians, a suicide blast killed at least 69 people and injured hundreds more as they gathered in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. Northwestern’s International Student Association expressed solidarity with the victims and urged students to support all areas of the world affected by different forms of terrorism.

    What’s up with the 2016 election?

    NU students registered to vote in Illinois had the chance to perform their civic duty during finals week, with polling locations throughout campus and in Evanston. At the end of the night, Illinois Democrats were more #ImWithHer than #FeelingtheBern. Hillary Clinton narrowly edged out Bernie Sanders in the primary. Although the results may have left some Northwestern fans feeling a little “bernt” out, the Sanders campaign made up some ground with several big West Coast wins, digging into Clinton’s delegate lead.

    Republicans, maybe after gazing at Chicago’s infamous green St. Patty’s Day river reflecting the Trump Tower, indicated they were ready to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain with The Donald.

    Another race to watch was the Democratic primary for Cook County state’s attorney. Kim Foxx claimed victory over incumbent Anita Alvarez, who came under fire following controversies surrounding the Laquan McDonald investigation. Foxx promised reform after the office, under Alvarez’s leadership, took over a year to file criminal charges against the police officer accused in the shooting.

    A new sheriff in town?

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Monday that Eddie Johnson, chief of patrol for the Chicago Police Department, will serve as interim superintendent of police until he selects a permanent replacement. The Mayor fired the previous chief, Garry McCarthy, after the city released tapes of 17-year-old McDonald last December.

    Johnson, a longtime member of the police force, is being urged to apply for the position after Emanuel rejected the three finalists recommended by the Chicago Police Board. With tension between the police and civilians rising, Emanuel is under increased pressure to make substantial reforms to the department.

    A new law in North Carolina?

    The North Carolina state legislature passed a new law that supersedes any anti-LGBT discrimination protections enacted by local governments. Dubbed “the bathroom bill,” the legislation follows the city of Charlotte’s recent measure to expand protections to the LGBT community, including a provision that would allow individuals who identify as transgender to use the bathroom that correlates with their gender identity. Outrage over the bill sparked multiple LGBT organizations, as well as several individuals, to file lawsuits against the state. Many corporations have also been vocal about opposing the law, releasing anti-discrimination statements on various social media platforms.


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